About José Barbosa
José BarbosaFotógrafo amador natural e residente em Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores.
Favorits: Authors
  • Olavo Azevedo
  • Dinis Ponteira
  • Red/Benjamim Leandro de Medeiros
  • Miguel Afonso
  • Rui Nogueira
  • Filipe P Neto
  • Daniel Moreno
  • Filipe Correia
  • Luis Borges Alves
  • Jaime Carvalho
  • Isabel Daniel
  • Renato Cruz
Favorits: Photos
  • Autumn fog
  • Pastoral
  • Between seasons
  • enjoy the mist
  • Casal
  • you make me happy_________
  • Alone
  • Do not swear by the moon
  • Stick Around
  • Through a dancing body
  • Fugas
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